Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Topshop Martie Patent T Bar Geek Shoes

Hello my lovelies,

I have finally found my favourite pair of shoes! YAY!

These super cute T Bar shoes arrived at my front door on Thursday, i was so eager to wear them, i ended up wearing them on Friday (haha). They are much nicer than ordinary flats!

Perfect when matched with white frilly socks
As my mum pointed out, they are very similar to one of my first pair of shoes ever from when i was a baby, but they were just too adorable not to buy. I mean, yes they are a bit pricey just to buy just because of memories, but i'm a risk taker!

My ones are stored somewhere in my Mum and Dad's room but here are some that look very similar to the ones i had when i was a baby!! How cute!!

When wearing these shoes for the first time on Friday, i literally fell in love with them. They fit perfectly, they are very good quality, supportive and you can pair them with the majority of clothing items. I did get 1 blister on the back of my foot, but that always happens when wearing new shoes for the first time right?

I love to match them up with skater skirts, rolled up jeans or a smock dress with white frilly socks
When wearing these shoes at school, i got a lot of compliments and i am so glad that i purchased these.


    £32 from Topshop
 If you would like to check them out you can click here
They also do them in white, blue and an orange/red.

   Keep Smiling

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  1. I love these shoes as well! I bought them in a Topshop sale for £18 and they're my fave! x