Friday, 20 September 2013

Review: Rimmel Kate Moss Long Lasting lipstick (shade 8)

Helloooooo, today i have a review on the Rimmel Kate Moss long lasting lipstick (woohoo)

I bought this lipstick in shade 8 which is a pink colour, it is really pigmented but for me, i can't say it was long lasting. 

This lipstick was created by Kate Moss exclusively for Rimmel. 
As it has an exclusive black diamond pigment complex, light reflects off of it slightly which gives your lips a kind of shiny look without the glossy look of lip gloss. 

Supermodel Kate Moss - Vogue Photoshoot
Pigmentation and long lasting
I believe that the lipstick is quite pigmented and when applied to the lips it leaves a nice bold colour that looks fab. However, to say that it lasts up to 8 hours is a no-no, the maximum it stayed on for without looking awful was 4 hours. As i said before, because of the light-reflective properties of it, it gives off a natural shine without the need to use lip gloss over the top. 

The packaging is lovely. It is a black tube (like the normal lipsticks you get) but it is matte. Around the middle there is a glossy block strip which says 'Rimmel London' on it. At the top of the tube, on the slanted bit, you can see the logo engraved onto it, which is a crown. But, my favourite part of the packaging is the 'Kate' signature that is printed onto the tube in a pinky-red colour. I just love the way the colour stands out against the black.

I would recommend this product to everyone!


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